With a tendency to want to "play" outside, I have spent the last four decades climbing over rocks, hiking up mountains and taking in the scenery of stunning places all over the world. My love of nature and eye for beauty have made photography a medium to produce evocative and artistic images of the places and the animals that I love. I am drawn to the little moments and behaviors that bring out personality, and I am as drawn to the small and adorable (but often unnoticed) as I am to the large and majestic.  I do not shoot at zoos or wildlife parks, and I do not utilize bait!  I strive to keep my distance and allow my subjects to go about their life uninterrupted.  My work starts where the road ends. I will hike miles to find the right setting, trails not required. While I take my camera with me on many trips, the bulk of my "work" is done while exploring the rocky mountains from Colorado to Montana.


Nature/Wildlife, Landscape photographer based in Montana