My strong connection to nature and wildlife is the integral component of my art, one that brings heart and soul to my images.  Each encounter is special and different, a few minutes in time forever engraved in my memory, the kind of moments I seek and cherish as a wildlife photographer. Through my camera's eye I capture these moments where I connect with my subjects in their natural habitat, bringing to life rare moments with images that best portray the personality, passion and struggle behind each wild animal’s existence.  


Born in York, Pennsylvania, Lea Frye hails from a family of amateur photographers where her spark for photography began. However life took Lea on a long journey of discovery from graduating with a B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to later acquiring a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Penn State University.  


Family and career took precedence for many years with photography becoming a fun outlet to document life and family adventures. In 2016 a move to live a healthier, happier life reignited Lea's passion for photography with a move to the Rocky Mountain region where wildlife and scenery  abound.

In the field with two bald eagles near their nest in the back ground.In the field with two bald eagles near their nest in the back ground.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     |            Lea Frye, Wildlife Photographer      |    Helena, Montana

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