Bluebird Day


Bluebird Day


Bluebird Day (Mountain Bluebird)Bluebird Day (Mountain Bluebird)Mountain bluebirds are truly the same color as a crystal clear blue sky. Hence the saying.. it is a "Bluebird Sky Day"

I first heard the phrase “Bluebird Day” when hiking with friends in Colorado. A “Bluebird Day” is a term used to describe a crystal clear, cloud free sky that has a brilliant blue color. I like to think that the mountain bluebird and it's cheerful song is the inspiration for the term. Just like a beautiful day the bluebirds bring happiness as their arrival signals spring has finally arrived.


This particular picture of a mountain bluebird will always bring fond memories of when my husband and I discovered the devil's elbow campground just outside the city limits of Helena, Montana. We visited this campground many times when our house in Helena was under construction. Staying here allowed us to keep an eye on progress on the house while giving us a chance to explore the areas around our new home. Many mornings we would wake to a mountain bluebird perched on a sign or even (in typical bluebird fashion) on a neighboring RV. Not only do they visit the campground but they also nest there each summer. This gives ample opportunity to photography them and their young. With our many stays at devils elbow, which happens to be about fifteen minutes from our house, we discovered other fun wildlife photography opportunities as well as some epic fishing for my husband , all in our new “backyard”.


Lea Frye - Wildlife Photographer


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