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Simply Beautiful

Moose (2021) - Georgetown Lake, MT


Simply Beautiful (Moose)Simply Beautiful (Moose)Female moose enjoying some peace and quiet before her little one arrives.
Taken near Anaconda, Montana

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It was a cold March day when we embarked for another trip toward Georgetown lake looking for moose, snowshoe hare and the allusive great gray owl. With winter still holding us in its grip we knew the animals would be down low and active. Previous trips to the area had rewarded us with several moose sightings so we were hopeful to repeat this success.


After a few trips around the lake without success we decided to explore a little further down the Pintler Veterans Memorial scenic highway heading toward Philipsburg, Montana. This would be new territory to explore which is always fun. Besides a recent tip from a friend of the family may have mentioned a moose hanging out in Flint Creek campground which was along the way. The tip about the moose was spot on. Since it was off season for camping this pregnant female moose claimed a nice quiet spot to rest for the day. How did we know it was a pregnant female you may ask? Well this beautiful lady upon seeing our car decided to stand up and give us a not so modest show of those parts by relieving herself in our general direction (yes I have pictures of that too).


Now that she was up she went to full on graze mode, as a pregnant lady needs to eat. All the fresh browse and winter temperatures must have been the right recipe for a beautiful fur coat as I have to say she was a stunningly beautiful moose. I bet all the bull moose agree!



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