Women Rock (Grand Tetons)

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Walking on the Wild Side


Another year and another epic backpacking trip.  Our 2023 adventure took us to Wyoming and the Grand Tetons National Park for the Teton crest trail. Well, at least that was the plan, but mother nature decided to change our plans with the onset of weather. Join us... Lisa, Liz, Robin and me (Left to right below) for our adventure in pictures.



Day 1 - The journey begins as we wait for the tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  The aerial tram saved us the 4,139 vertical foot climb to the top where our journey began.



The views were epic and the bonanza of wild flowers left us speechless at times. 




The first wildlife of the trip was a couple of Golden-mantled ground squirrels busy lapping up their minerals.  Glad one of them decided to pose for me. 

Day one was coming to a close as we enjoyed the beauty of Marion Lake with its tranquil glacial waters and the sounds of Pikas and Marmots as they greeted all who visited.



Just a bit further past the lake is where we set up camp for the night in the Jedediah Smith Wilderness.  The view looking back on the lake as we climbed the last half a mile to the other side of the ridge was breathtaking.


Day 2 - Ever trip needs at least one portrait of the group. When we witnessed the craggy peaks of the Tetons in the distance we took a few minutes to set up the picture.  



As you can see... the clouds came in for our second day of hiking. However, the weather did not dampen our spirits as we were rewarded with a patriotic display of red, white and blue flowers stretching for miles. 


And one cooperative marmot who stood up for me upon request. 

Then the rain started coming in earnest so the camera was put away and we increased the speed to reach our next camping location in Alaska Basin. The area was saturated with puddles of water from the rains. Thankfully we found a relatively "dry" spot tucked up under the trees. All hands on deck to set up the tents quickly while the rain continued to drop along with the temperature.  Tetons-67Tetons-67

After several hours tucked away in our warm sleeping bags I noticed a lull in the rain so I grabbed my camera and went out to explore. The fog was rolling in from all directions obscuring some of the views but also making for some dramatic landscapes.  


All the moisture and rain while great for the streams and the flowers was the ultimate end of our trip. The planned trip had us staying in this location for two nights then climbing over Hurricane pass to rejoin the Teton crest trail.  




The final day of the planned trip was for yet another pass called "Paintbrush Pass".  With a forecast for the rain to continue for the next three days along with increased chances of lightning the decision was made to exit safely. 



Day 3 - Four very water logged women hiked out of Alaskan Basin to a trailhead where our savior Joe picked us up and shuttled us to our vehicle.  Our payment for his kindness was gas and lunch.  Thank you Joe!  



While we were all bummed to have our  backpacking trip cut short we were grateful for the time we had together.  The consensus was to make a vow to return for a redemption trip sometime in the future.  


Stay safe my friends,


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