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Walking on the Wild Side


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Contrary to popular belief, trout are not intellectuals! However, they are keen observers of their environment and well attuned to the elements important to their survival. If you plan on chasing them with a fly rod, you need to learn how to pay attention to those details. True mastery of the sport isn't about memorizing lots of facts, but rather having a sense of curiosity and spending time out on the water.

Scot leads you on a journey of discovery, recalling occasions when he, or sometimes his clients, learned important lessons. His stories are warm, funny, and full of great advice to improve your skills and better enjoy your time on the water. His comments on gear, guides, and other aspects of the sport are based on decades of practical experience.

The images from Lea's camera bring Scot's stories to life and will leave you yearning to get out there. If you enjoy fly fishing, being outdoors, or just want to learn more, you will love this book.


Author: Scot Bealer                                 Photographer: Lea Frye

Author: Scot Bealer LeaFrye-1Photographer: Lea Frye


I wanted to share a few excerpts from the book to give you a taste for the writing and the photography that goes with it. 

Chapter 2

It’s a Matter of Perception




"A healthy trout stream will almost always have fish to find. You may not always find them, but look every time you go out. Try to see the bugs on the surface. Learn to look for the tiny dimples, not just the big splashes. Enjoy spotting the wildlife. Dippers feeding tell you that there are lots of subsurface bugs available. Kingfishers or osprey are cool to watch, and they know where the fish are. You may find a whole new element of this sport that is every bit as much fun as the actual fishing. You may also find that your “catching” gets better too!"


Extra_Pictures-23Extra_Pictures-23 Extra_Pictures-32Extra_Pictures-32 Matter_of_Perception-4Matter_of_Perception-4


Chapter 18

Moose Etiquette


"As the largest member of the deer family, the ungainly looking moose doesn’t exactly inspire the same kind of fear generated by a grizzly bear or a mountain lion. And to be sure, they have no interest in tearing the flesh from your body. Yet from a fishing perspective, I’m probably more concerned about running into a moose than I am any other animal. Part of that is because there are a lot of them around, and they like to feed on plants like willows that are found close to water. If you spend a lot of time fishing in the mountains, you are likely to run into one. The other part of the equation is that while they look very docile, they are huge, and can have a definite mean streak if they get angry."

Moose-2Moose-2 Moose-4Moose-4


Stay tuned for more.  2024 could be our most exciting year yet!    


Lea Frye - Wildlife photographer


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184 pages, 7 x 8 inches, 124 color photos  -- softcover - $19.95 + $6 shipping for 1 book -- free shipping on orders of 2 or more

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