Extraordinary Encounter: Wolverine Sighting

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Walking on the Wild Side

Today, I bring you an extraordinary tale of an encounter with one of nature's most elusive and awe-inspiring creatures – the wolverine.

It was late July when Scot and I embarked on an off-trail expedition to a secluded lake located in the heart of Montana's remote wilderness. Little did we know that this journey would lead to a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the elusive wolverine.

Here's a glimpse into this remarkable experience:

The Journey: An unplanned venture off the beaten path.  We embarked on a challenging trek through thick forest over rugged terrain to reach a hidden gem of a lake far from the well-trodden trails.


New_Lena Lake Hike InNew_Lena Lake Hike In

The Setting: Upon reaching the off-trail lake, we were awed by the tranquility and untouched beauty that surrounded us. Just below the rugged mountain peaks set this beautiful blue-green lake surrounded by bear grass swaying in the breeze.


Wolverine_Day (5 of 3)Wolverine_Day (5 of 3)

Wolverine_Day (4 of 3)Wolverine_Day (4 of 3) Wolverine_Day (3 of 3)Wolverine_Day (3 of 3)

The Encounter: Upon arrival Scot stood quietly observing the surroundings while I attempted to capture the beauty of this wild oasis with my camera. It was movement on the ridge across the lake that caught Scot's attention. Uncertain as to what he saw, Scot beckoned me over to help identify the mysterious animal he glimpsed. 

As is often the case, the animal had disappeared from view as quickly as it had appeared. We were both just about resigned to never know what he spotted when ...  a wolverine emerged from the trees. 


NEW_Pictures (32 of 43)NEW_Pictures (32 of 43)

A Few Moments in Time:  We watched as the wolverine approached the shoreline of the lake a mere 30 yards from where we stood. The wolverine glanced our way, as if curious about the presence of humans in its territory, yet unconcerned. 


NEW_Pictures (35 of 43)NEW_Pictures (35 of 43)

WolverineWolverine WolverineWolverine WolverineWolverine

In those moments, it felt as if we were mere guests in its domain, granted a fleeting glimpse into the wild, untamed world of this remarkable creature. The camera clicks echoed in the stillness, capturing not just images but the essence of an encounter that would make an epic tale.

As the wolverine eventually melted back into the wilderness, leaving us with only the echoes of its presence, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for being able to witness such an elusive animal. Nature, in all its raw and unfiltered glory, had shared a piece of its secrets with us that day, leaving us a lasting memory in our hearts and in the pixels of the photographs that would forever tell the story of that magical encounter.

NEW_Pictures (27 of 43)NEW_Pictures (27 of 43)

Preserving the Wilderness: This awe-inspiring encounter serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving the natural habitats of these incredible creatures. Montana's wilderness is a treasure trove of biodiversity, and responsible exploration ensures that future generations can also witness the wonders of the wild.

Stay Tuned for More Adventures: As we continue to share stories of exploration and encounters with wild animals, we invite you to stay tuned for upcoming newsletters. Who knows what wonders our next expedition may uncover?

Until next time, may your adventures be as thrilling as the wilderness itself.

Happy Trails!

Lea Frye - Wildlife Photographer



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