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               Animal Lovers                     

Flower PowerFlower PowerThis young grizzly bear and it's sibling near by were recently weaned by their mother. The siblings, not quite ready to be on their own,will hang together for a while until each is ready to face the world head on. Tubers were on the menu this evening as the bears worked the area foraging for food.

 Bird Lovers

Greater Sandhill CraneGreater Sandhill CraneThis sandhill crane appears to be working on his mating dance. Taken in Monte Vista, Colorado.



 Butterflies and Flowers

Fish and Fishing

Underwater Brown TroutUnderwater Brown TroutHad to try out my Olympus TG5 underwater capabilities. Had fun trying to get this picture along the Arkansas River with assistance from my fisherman husband. Taken near Salida, Colorado.  

Landscape Lovers