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Add to your fine art collection with a Lea.F Images limited edition print on metal.  Experience pictures of wildlife as they seem to come to life on your walls in incredible detail or immerse yourself in the vibrant colors of a panoramic landscape.  I am currently offering seventeen of my fine art prints in my limited edition collection. Scroll down to view them all. 



Looking Fine

Grizzly Bear - 2019

Looking Fine  (Grizzly Bear)Looking Fine (Grizzly Bear)

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Singing in the Rain

Grizzly Bear - 2019


Singing in the Rain  (Grizzly Bear) - In Stock: 24" x 36" Metal PrintSinging in the Rain (Grizzly Bear) - In Stock: 24" x 36" Metal PrintLimited Edition Print - 2019
Grand Tetons National Park, WY
Nikon D859, 600mmlens with 1.4x teleconverter
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Isn't My Kid Cute?

Mountain Goats - 2020


Isn't My Kid Cute?  (Mountain Goats)Isn't My Kid Cute? (Mountain Goats) Click on Photo


Salad for Dinner 

Pika - 2020 


Salad for Dinner  (Pika)Salad for Dinner (Pika) Click on Photo


Morning Calm 

Snowy Egret - 2020 


Morning Calm  (Snowy Egret)Morning Calm (Snowy Egret)

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Small and Fierce

Northern Pygmy Owl - 2020 

Baby Mountain GoatThis cute mountain goat baby came so close to me I had to keep backing up to try and get it's picture. Taken at Blue Reservoir near Breckenridge. Click on Photo

Endless Trails

Handies Peak, Co- 2020

Endless Trails (Handies Peak, CO)Endless Trails (Handies Peak, CO)
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Alpine Pinks

Glacier National Park - 2020 

Alpine Pinks (Glacier National Park)Alpine Pinks (Glacier National Park)Pinks of a winter sunset on the mountains of Glacier National Park.

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Mesmerizing Stare

Great Gray Owl - 2021 

Mesmerizing Stare  (Great Gray Owl)Mesmerizing Stare (Great Gray Owl) Click on Photo 


Here's Looking at You

Common Loon - 2021 


Here's Looking at You  (Common Loon)Here's Looking at You (Common Loon)Common Loon (Gavia immer) ; Hauser Lake, Helena, Montana

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Ram's Head

Bighorn Sheep - 2021


Ram's Head  (Bighorn Sheep)Ram's Head (Bighorn Sheep) Click on Photo 

Morning Fog

Grand Tetons - 2021

Morning Fog  (Grand Tetons)Morning Fog (Grand Tetons)

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Simply Beautiful

Moose - 2021

Simply Beautiful (Moose)Simply Beautiful (Moose)
















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Early Spring Snow








Wilson's Warbler - 2021
















Spring Snow (Wilson's Warbler)Spring Snow (Wilson's Warbler)
















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Say Cheese








Bighorn Sheep - 2021
















Say Cheese (Bighorn Sheep)Say Cheese (Bighorn Sheep)
















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Three Amigos








Bighorn Sheep - 2021
























Three AmigosThree AmigosLimited Edition Print
Production Limited to 50 Prints
Metal Prints of various sizes available on this website.

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