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Salad for Dinner  (Pika)

Salad for Dinner (Pika)

One of my favorite animals that lives in the high country above tree line is the Pika. These cute fuzzy critters are full of energy and just down right adorable. They are often mistaken as rodents but actually hail from the same family as a common household pet, the rabbit. If you look closely you will pick up on the resemblance in the body shape, although the ears are short and round compared to the rabbits and they have no visible tail.

Like their cousins, the Pika is an herbivore which means they love their veggies. Because they live among the talus fields of the Alpine region year round their survival depends upon their ability to gather large amounts of food to dry and stash near their dens for the long harsh winters. While their coloration helps them blend in with the background, one can often find them when they run across the rocks with a mouth full of grass, weeds or even flowers. The movement will draw your eyes , and if you listen carefully you will hear their high pitched squeaks which lets you know they are present.

Powderhorn Wilderness Area, Colorado