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Pop goes the Weasel (Weasel)

Pop goes the Weasel (Weasel)

Not really expecting anything to happen, as wild animals march to their own beat, I was shocked when this weasel turned around and headed back toward me when I shouted "Stop, come back". As if curious about what I was and why I was talking to it the weasel jumped up from behind a rock to check me out. He looked me right in the eye and then disappeared behind the rock again. Slowly I reached for my camera and tried to sweet talk the weasel in to posing for me. Not sure if it was what I said or if just pure curiosity, but the weasel stayed and for the next five minutes the weasel would hide behind a rock then pop back up to look at me as if it was playing “pop goes the weasel”. These opportunities do not come often, so I snapped picture after picture hoping that at least a few would turn out.