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Metal Pints Produced at Bay Photo Lab in California:

Specially coated aluminum infused with dye and a high gloss finish, 3/4" Inset Frame with Wire Hanger and French Cleat for your choice of hanging options.
Alpine Glow at Gore LakeBald Eagle PerchedBeautiful BlondieBeaver PondsBerded SquirrelBig Bad Male RufousBrown TroutCactus and MountainsCutthroat Trout from a High Country LakeFledgling Mountain BluebirdsFlower PowerFoxy LadyFree Range HorsesGrazing Mountian GoatHandsome MallardIsland Lake in the San JuansLake of the CloudsLet it Snow  ... Let it SnowMt Huron from Harrison FlatsPeaceful Pelican