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Pillows (14" x 14")

100% Polyester (Front and Back)
100% Polyester Fiber (Filling)

Lea.F Images has several designs available for a 14" by 14" pillow. The front of the pillow features one of Lea.F Images pictures cropped and centered for the best display possible and the back is solid black.
Baby Bison Pillow  (2 In Stock)Bald Eagle (11 In Stock)Bighorn Ram Pillow (1 In Stock)Brown Trout Pillow (4 In Stock)Buck Pillow (12 In Stock)Fox Squirrel Pillow  (2 In Stock)Mallard Duck Pillow (1 In Stock)Marmot (4 In Stock)Pronghorn Pillow (2 In Stock)Rainbow Trout Pillow (5 In Stock)Silly Elk (2 In Stock)Underwater Brown Trout (1 In Stock)Weasel (1 In Stock)Young Grizzly Bear (10 In Stock)