100% Polyester (Front and Back)
100% Polyester Fiber (Filling)

Lea.F Images has several designs available for a 14" by 14" pillow. The front of the pillow features one of Lea.F Images pictures cropped and centered for the best display possible and the back is plain black. Example of front and back of my best selling pillow is featured below, the cute and cuddly Fox Squirrel.

14" by 14" or 18" by 18"  Fox Squirrel PillowI need a hug!!

Pillows Designed Just for You

14" x 14"  - $45 plus tax 

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 Click on any of the pillows below for a larger view and purchase options through my Etsy store. When you click on a pillow it will redirect you to Etsy. 


Baby Bison Pillow  (2 In Stock)Baby Bison Pillow (2 In Stock) Brown Trout Pillow (4 In Stock)Brown Trout Pillow (4 In Stock) Buck Pillow (12 In Stock)Buck Pillow (12 In Stock) Mallard Duck Pillow (1 In Stock)Mallard Duck Pillow (1 In Stock) Pronghorn Pillow (2 In Stock)Pronghorn Pillow (2 In Stock) Rainbow Trout Pillow (5 In Stock)Rainbow Trout Pillow (5 In Stock) Bighorn Ram Pillow (1 In Stock)Bighorn Ram Pillow (1 In Stock)





Bald Eagle (11 In Stock)Bald Eagle (11 In Stock) Marmot (4 In Stock)Marmot (4 In Stock) Silly Elk (2 In Stock)Silly Elk (2 In Stock) Underwater Brown Trout (1 In Stock)Underwater Brown Trout (1 In Stock) Weasel (1 In Stock)Weasel (1 In Stock) Young Grizzly Bear (10 In Stock)Young Grizzly Bear (10 In Stock)








* Estimated timing is 5 - 10 business days for shipping 

Want a custom pillow design using other Lea.F Images photos? Contact me at [email protected] to work directly with me on making a pillow that suits your needs. Who knows, maybe your creative ideas will spark the next generation of Lea.F Images pillow designs. Pillows designed by Lea Frye using Lea.F Images photos and utilizing Vista print.