Ukraine Funding Through In Stock Inventory

I am inspired by and proud of my friend and fellow artists Svitlana Prouty ( My heart breaks for her, her family and her country Ukraine. Help me, help Svitlana raise money to send directly to Ukraine through the gift of art. I am committed to donating 50% of my sales directly to Svitlana where I know the money will be sent to Ukraine to those in need within days. No overhead fees to charity organizers or timely delays in funds due to paperwork.  You too can help with every purchase you make in my Etsy shop.

Sample inventory:

Young Grizzly Bear (8 In Stock) Fishing Perch (Bald Eagle)Fishing Perch (Bald Eagle)One of the most incredible sites is our national bird in its full adult plumage. Did you know it takes about five and a half years to reach full maturity?

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To date Svitlana has single handily raised over $12,000.

Here is where this money was used:
- Make purchases of medical supplies for the Clinical Hospital “Feofaniya” to treat kids in Oncological Department
-Make purchases for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
-Purchase tourniquets for treating wounded soldiers, volunteers and civilians;
-Purchase textile and cloth for bulletproof vests;
-Purchase groceries and relief items for civilian population in war zones and more.